You can settle the loan using the following ways:

1) Via Cargills Food City

2) Bank deposit

3) Pay online via (click here to pay)

4) Dialog eZ Cash

1) Via Cargills Food City Outlets

You can easily pay back via hundreds of Cargills Food City outlets near your home or office. The full list of outlets can be found on Cargills’ website

Please fill in the Cargills Cash Deposit Slip with the following information and hand over to the cashier:

1. Account holders name must be enterd as 'Cashwagon'

2. Phone number of the customer

3. On the Customer Ref. No. field enter the loan agreement number you received from Cashwagon, via SMS and email.

4. National Identity Card number (NIC) of the customer

5. Amount you need to pay.

Make the payment to cashier by cash and get a Cargills receipt. Please keep the receipt with you until a confirmation is received from Cashwagon that your loan payment has been received.

After the transaction is complete, you will be notified via SMS.

2) Bank deposit 

LENDTECH (Cashwagon's lending partner) bank account details are:

Account number: 0218 1000 2201


Bank name: Sampath bank

Branch name: Borella super branch

Important Notice: Make sure to mention your NIC number or loan reference number in the remarks/notes section of the transaction slip. If you use a cash deposit machine, please send us a photo/scan of the deposit slip along with your NIC number or loan reference number to

Make an instant transfer through any bank branch.

1) Visit any bank.

2) Enter your loan number in the Transaction Details section and complete the remaining details such as your full name, NIC number, telephone number etc.

3) Submit to the bank.

Make instant transfer through internet banking.

1) Log into your online banking account (if you have not registered for the online banking facility, please contact your bank).

2) Choose 'Transfer.'

3) Choose 'New 3rd Party Account Transfer

4) Enter your loan repayment amount

5) Enter your loan number as the 'transaction detail

6) Proceeed to making the transfer

3) Via

You can use to make payments online via any debit card, credit card, or Sampath Vishwa. Click here to goto the Cashwagon page directrly (recommended) or use the following process to go from the home page:

1) Goto and click on the Financial Services button. The Finance Services button can be made visible upon clicking the 3 dots on the Payee Categories menu.

2) Click on the Cashwagon logo.

3) Enter the amount, and loan referance number and then click Proceed to Pay.

Note: If you do not have an account you will have to create a new account - which is a simple, easy and free process for anyone.

4) Via Dialog eZ Cash

You can now pay Cashwagon loan using Dialog eZ Cash. There are two ways of sending the payment via eZ Cash:

1) Using the mobile App

2) Using USSD codes

Using the mobile App

1. Visit the Google Play Store and download Dialog’s eZ Cash mobile app.

2. Click on the eZ Cash icon on your smart phone to launch the app.

3. Enter your eZ Cash mobile number

4. Enter the code you just received via SMS

5. Click on Payments

6. Click on Institutional Payments

7. On the following screen enter details as follows:

  a. Enter PIN Number - enter your PIN number
  b. Merchant code - enter “LTL”
  c. Account Number - Enter your loan agreement number provided by Cashwagon or your NIC number
  d. Amount in RS - Enter your loan repayment amount

8. Click Proceed.

9. On the Payment Confirmation popup click Yes.

10. A confirmation message will be displayed.

Using USSD Codes

1. Press #111#

2. Choose Institute Payment by pressing 6

3. Choose “Enter Institute Code” by pressing 1

4. Enter the Institute code as “LTL”

5. Enter the payment amount. This is the loan repayment amount you are repaying to Cashwagon.

6. Choose yes by pressing 1

7. Choose Exit by pressing 99

8. You will be notified via SMS about the status of the payment.

If you did not receive an SMS, please call us on 0117463100 or visit our website for further contact information. Upon receipt of the SMS, you will be eligible to obtain another loan with a higher amount from Cashwagon.