Our Service

Who we are?

Cashwagon is a Sri Lanka based financial technology company focused on online consumer financing.

We provide top-notch financial services to your everyday requirements without any collaterals, complex approval procedures, or long waiting times.

Our modern approach to consumer loan products, allow us to serve your varying needs with transparency and in an ethical way.

You will see the total repayment amount of your loan in our credit calculator form before you apply.

Depending on the amount you wish to borrow and the loan tenure you are comfortable with, you will be charged with a service charge and a consulting fee.

Check the total repayment amount of your loan before apply. Please accept the loan only if you are comfortable to pay back on time.

Loan Information

Cashwagon currently offers loans services to customers:

  1. Between 20 to 60 years old; and
  2. Currently employed or with a steady income (i.e. self-employed)

We do not require any documents to be submitted. Just have the following details ready with you:

  1. Your NIC number
  2. Your bank account details such as account number and branch to transfer money for you

Once your loan is approved, you will receive an SMS and email from us informing you the next step to getting your cash transferred to your bank account.

Cashwagon currently provides loan services to customers who are employed and possess a valid home address within entire Sri Lanka.

You can choose any amount up to Rs 15,000 for use within 12 months.
For example, you want to take Rs 8,000 for 3 months. In this case, you only need to repay only the minimum monthly payment (MMP) each month.
MMP = Rs 8,000 x 44% = Rs 3,520
When you decide to fully cover your loan, you will need to make the total repayment amount (TRA) at the end of 3-month term.
TRA = Rs 8,000 + (Rs 8,000 x 44% x 3) = Rs 18,560

We would be glad to assist you. Please contact any one of our support channels to request for assistance:

  1. Telephone:  (+94) 11 74 63 100
  2. Facebook:  facebook.com/cashwagonlk
  3. E-mail:  info@cashwagon.lk
  4. Website:  www.cashwagon.lk

Receiving Money

We aim to process and release your funds within several minutes after approval. We will send you a text message once the cash is transferred to your personal account.

In case you have any problem in collecting your approved loan, please contact any of our customer support channels for assistance.

  1. E-mail:  info@cashwagon.lk
  2. Website:  www.cashwagon.lk
  3. Telephone:  (+94) 11 74 63 100

Making Payments to Us

We have included a section in your contract (sent to your email address) with details of your loan maturity date and on when you need to make your loan repayment. We advise paying on or before the due date in order to avoid any penalty charges.

  • Via Pay&Go kiosk Machines
  • Via Cargills Food City.
  • Online Fund Transfer
  • Pay online via PayEasy.lk (click here to pay)
  • Sampath Counter payment and Internet Banking

Yes, early repayment is possible without any penalties or charges.

Yes. We charge either a minimum of 1000/- rupees or 10% of the capital amount as late payment fee for every 3, 11, 21, and 31 day period.


Yes, certainly. If you have settled your existing loan with us, you can obtain a new loan again in a matter of 2 hours; with an increased loan limit*. Read the following important tips to get your loan approved faster:

  • After settling your existing loan, wait for 2 hours until you receive the SMS confirmation.
  • After you receive the SMS notification, complete the application on www.cashwagon.lk as usual.
  • In case you did not receive an SMS, contact us via our Facebook fanpage. Cashwagon team will help you get another loan as fast as possible. (*conditions apply)