Jun 26, 2018

Where to get a loan in Cash?

Are you in need to get a loan to cover a cash emergency? Or have you ever been in a situation where your need is quite urgent and you need to quickly find a source of cash but could not find any?

For us personally this was a very common occurrence. Living in Sri Lanka means most our transactions happen on a cash basis. However, the problem is that when you want to obtain a quick cash loan your options are not very diverse.

Cash Loans are still a very much in demand service in Sri Lanka. This is why money lenders run a thriving business model in Sri Lanka.

Especially with regards to merchants and wholesalers, the need for quick cash loans is very much visible. However, the established financial institutions have yet to cater to the demand due to many regulations and also due to the slow process.

How you can get a loan in cash?

You can get a loan in cash in a number of ways. The easiest would be to use a credit card if you have one and do a cash withdrawal. Many credit cards operators permit this albeit on a limited level and often with a one-day repayment window before the interest skyrockets.

A secondary option would be to approach a money lender and obtain a cash loan. However, this will also come with a quick repayment deadline and an inflated interest rate.

You can also explore options such as pawning gold and obtaining a gold loan from any number of banks and financial institutions but with the downside being you can only borrow much less than the worth of what you are pawning.

There is an option for you now to seek a cash loan from cashwagon.lk by simply applying online and the when approved you can withdraw the money using your ATM card.

Terms and Conditions of Cash Loans

Cash loans are almost always attached a very brief repayment period. With a credit card, its usually a one-day period before you pay it back and often at a higher interest rate than the standard credit interest rate. In the case of money lenders, the time period for payment often varies but again there will be an inflated interest rate.

With Cashwagon there are no additional terms and conditions. Also you get the benefit of settling the loan early with no penalty and the best feature being you know in advance your exact repayment amount and the process of obtaining a loan is extremely simplified.

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Jun 26, 2018
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