Sep 25, 2018

What influences credit rating of the borrower

A credit rating is an evaluation of the credibility of a borrower or with regard to a specific liability or monetary accountability. A credit rating can be delegated to any individual, corporation, sovereign government or state or provincial authority that needs to borrow money.

Collapsing Credit Rating

Basically, a loan is an obligation, and a credit rating regulates the possibility that the borrower will pay back a loan within the period of the loan agreement without failure.

A high credit rating signifies a high chance of the loan being settled in total without any issues.

A poor credit rating indicates that the borrower has had issues settling loans in the past, and could possibly repeat the same in the future. The credit ratings influence the individual’s prospect of being approved for a loan or receiving positive terms for the said loan.

Importance of Credit Ratings

The credit rating for borrowers is determined depending on the considerable vigilance carried out by the rating agencies.

While a borrower will go all out to have the highest possible credit rating as it has a large blow on interest rates charged by lenders, the rating agencies usually take a fair and equal stand of the borrower’s financial situation and capacity to service or repay the personal loan.

A credit rating not only decides on the approval of the loan but also the interest rate at which the loan will need to be settled. Although companies depend on loans to start a business, a loan denial could be disastrous and a high-interest rate is very much harder to settle.

Being attentive in maintaining a high credit rating is important for a borrower. Credit rating is not fixed and keep changing all the time based on the latest data, and one negative debt can bring down even the best score, and credit rating also takes time to build up.

An individual with a good but short credit history is not seen as positively as another individual with a good but longer credit history. Lenders need to know whether a borrower can maintain a good credit consistency over time.

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Sep 25, 2018
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