Sep 16, 2018

Three major mistakes of novice borrower

Most people at some stage in their life may need to borrow money for many reasons. It could be to settle a bill on time due to a delay in receiving the salary; make any other purchases or even start a business.

Although borrowing money from the bank or any other lending institution may look easy, many novice borrowers make major mistakes.

Three major mistakes first time borrowers often make are applying for a loan amount exceeding more than what is actually required, agreeing to a loan term that goes further than a justifiable period of time for settlement and being agreeable for small delays in getting the loan.

First Mistake

Applying for a loan amount exceeding more than what is actually required is a common mistake by novice borrowers.

Therefore, borrowing from a lender with honest and good credentials is very important. Ensure the lender hears and pay attention to what you need and offer a recommendation on applying for the correct and exact loan amount required.

Otherwise, the person will end up feeling deceived by paying a bigger interest component on a loan taken in excess of what was required.

Second Mistake

Signing an agreement to a cash loan term that goes further than a justifiable period of time for full settlement is another mistake novice borrowers make.

Agreeing to this clause means the borrower has to pay more on interest rates that may increase over time.

Once again this is why it is vital to borrow from honest and trustworthy lenders who will advise on applying for the correct loan amount and time period according to your requirements.

Third Mistake

Another grave mistake novice borrowers tend to make is being agreeable to small loan delays.

Usually, people apply for small loans to expedite urgent expenses such as medical bill settlements, meet other bills that have to be settled on time or sudden purchases of essential items.

However, some financial lenders delay the loan causing many problems for the borrower.

Novice borrowers are helped to avoid the above mistakes at Cashwagon. Further, the best advice is given on cash loan amount and settlement period for your urgent requirements and in addition, assist you to borrow small loans as quickly as possible.

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Sep 16, 2018
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