Oct 03, 2018

I need money today, what should I do?

No one likes surprises. Least of all, no one likes sudden problems arising. Especially if it involves money. With today’s dynamic environment in respect to the economy, and surprises, more often than not, we tend to over amplify that voice in our head that say’s “I need money today!”

Luckily, for those residing in Sri Lanka, the wait is over!

The importance of emergency cash services

While riding the FinTech boom, companies like Cashwagon have identified such a need for emergency cash services.

They offer an easy three-step service which beings with signing up and ends with receiving the funds into your account 30 minutes later. Ideally, it works faster than the time it takes the thought of “I need money today” to leaves our mind.

But seriously, what are the other options besides your parents, your broke friends or a loan shark? And do you really want to ask your judgmental parents or travel to a dodgy part of town to get immediate spot cash? I mean what happens if you are not able to pay? Will, they come after you and break your legs? (I mean loan sharks; not your parents!)

The good thing with this platform is that it is transparent, simple to use, immediate (almost; 30 minutes waiting time at most is quite great!), and they operate 365 days of the year and 366 days during leap years. Most importantly is that it is convenient to use and they don’t judge.

The organization is a truly global entity, operating in four other countries and their platform is available in English and Sinhala. An individual can take up to Rs 15,000 /- with ease.

Why? Because most people’s spot cash emergencies can be solved with that amount! (E.g. driving fines while in Trinco before the post office closes; buying a pair of shoes for that sudden customer visit or celebrating your girl friend’s birthday).

Cashwagon cash loan services is a great idea for an immediate need, an impulse want or just a bridge till payday. You cannot buy a car with it, but that’s not what it’s meant for.

It’s a safe service to solve genuine short-term financial problems. So the next time the phrase “I need money today” pops up in your head, the service offered by Cashwagon should become synonymous.

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Oct 03, 2018