May 28, 2018

I need a loan, what to do first?

A situation where you need a loan is often a situation many of us go through and often find it difficult. However, as often as we may face this situation many of are also lost when it comes to the first things to do when obtaining a loan.

Figuring out what is needed and sorting through your options provides a clearer picture which makes it easier for you to obtain a loan conveniently and securely.

How much money do I need?

This maybe an obvious query when you first look at it. You are in need of a loan to set off another sum which you are due or want to be spending. However, the reality is markedly different.

Although, you may think that the sum is equal you should consider carefully if what you are planning to spend on is worth the amount you are spending, especially when the interest of the loan is taken into account as well.

An easier way to figure out would be to approach this with the mindset of what’s the least amount of money can I borrow to fulfill my need? Because the less you are in debt, more you are able to make a clear and valid choice in choosing how much to borrow.

Also take into consideration if you need a loan fast or if it can be delayed so that you don’t end up obtaining more than you need at any given point.

How quickly can I return the loan?

Payment duration of a loan differs very much. However, please always keep in mind that, loan interest is tied to the payment duration.

In the example of say a 5-year loan you would end up paying the interest amount 5 times and that would be a huge cost. Before you approach an institution or a money lender take careful accounting of your income and expenses for the period you’re obtaining the loan.

Figure out the maximum amount you could contribute towards paying the cash loan and always plan for an installment below that because chances are in the case of fluctuations in your income or expenses you would still be able to pay back the loan without much hassle.

Which way is it easier to pay back the loan?

The easiest way to repay a loan would be to settle the amount in full as early as possible provided there are no early settlement penalties. So always check if the loan you obtain comes with conditions such as that. However, this is not an option available to most people.

Thus, the easiest way to payback the loan comes down to ensuring your payments or loan installments are made on time. This requires considerable fiscal discipline and planning ahead.

Also, try and round up your payments so they accrue as additional payments and can over a period of time relieve you of some interest however marginal they maybe.

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May 28, 2018